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NEWS OF 2023

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USCS 360 Sprint Cars!

$3000 FEATURE WINNER! June 9th 2023.

The USCS Sprint Car series had their first ever visit at Buckshot Speedway as a total of 14 Sprints made it to the bullseye. After some malfunctions from others, and hard breaks, #10 of Terry Gray was able to achieve his first win at Buckshot Speedway and for the USCS Series!


1. Terry Gray

2. Terry Witherspoon

3. Danny Burke

4. Lee Moore

5. Jeff Willingham

6. Joe Larkin

DNF. Brandon Grubaugh

DNF. Mark Ruel Jr.

DNF. Lance Moss

DNF. Brian Thomas

DNF. Clint Weiss

DNF. Hayden Campbell

DNF. Steve Diamond Jr.

DNS. AJ Maddox

10 Terry Gray USCS Sprint Cars.jpg

Southern ALL STARS BUCK SHOT 2 PIECE! $5000 FEATURE WINNER! May 6th 2023.

The Southern ALL Stars return to Buckshot Speedway for the first time this years season, as it was a action filled race that kept you on the edge of your seats! Billy Franklin pulling all the stops to make it back to the front of the #38 of Dillon Tidmore after Tidmore pulled a quick swap on Franklin. The #38 kept his car in the fastest lane this night as he flies past the checkered flag and winning his first ever race at Buckshot Speedway!


We finally have our first 2023 Super Late Model race for the season with the Shaeffer Southern National Series making their appearance at Buckshot Speedway, but a familiar face made sure he stayed undefeated as he wins his 1st Shaeffer Spring National race, and his 3rd Buckshot Speedway win! Every time Joseph Joiner has shown his face here at Buckshot, he makes sure to dominate the field behind him. Congratulations to Joseph Joiner for an awesome start of the season!


  1. Joseph Joiner

  2. Dillon Tidmore

  3. Ross Bailes

  4. Haiden Cowan

  5. Kenny Collins

  6. Dalton Cook

  7. Mike Marlar

  8. Carson Ferguson

  9. Billy Franklin

  10. Austin Horton

  11. Matthew Brocato

  12. David McCoy

  13. Caden Mullinax

  14. Will Roland

  15. Ashton Winger

  16. Tyler Clem

  17. Kyle Beard

  18. Shay Miller

  19. Sam Seawright

  20. David Breazeale

  21. Heath Hindman

  22. Stephen Brantley

Joseph Joiner Spring Nationals Win.jpg
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